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The Best Golf Course Indonesia

Sports Golf is usually played by an individual or shared with multiple people in one team. The main rule in Golf are playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or some punches in accordance with the following rules. The history begins with the origins of golf are unclear, but various groups generally agree with the theory of golf originated in Scotland Daro circa 1100s. Games like golf was played on 26 February 1297 in the Netherlands, precisely in the city aan de Vecht Leonen. The game put the ball into the hole with a " bali golf club " as a batsman also played in the 17th century in the Netherlands, and much earlier than the Scots played golf. In addition there are many more documents that tell about a game similar to golf in various places on the continent of Europe. Golf is one of the games that do not have a standard playing field, but played on the golf courses, each of which has a unique design, and therefore always the golf course every different size, topgrafi and the environment is different. And it can be said that golf is a sport where the most beautiful and the most cool, because of the open nature into a specially designed golf arena.

Indeed, golf may be the only sport that can not be done by any person and many people say say that this is a commodity of the rich for decades. However seriing time this sport can be enjoyed by everyone who wants to tee off for eighteen holes just for fun. In 2005, there are approximately 32,000 golf courses around the world, and about half of it lies in the United States alone. Golf resorts in Asia began to look around the mid-'80s in the People's Republic of China, and since then, the number of countries with high-class professional golfers continue to grow at a steady pace, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are nearly 150 golf courses spread across all the islands of Indonesia. This makes Indonesia as heavenly for golfers. Many international class courses which are dominated by foreigners, especially in Bali.

6 Best Golf Course in Indonesia include :

1. New Kuta Golf Course 

In Bali there are five golf courses, one of which is the New Kuta Golf Course, which is located in the Pecatu Indah Resort, Jimbaran. New Kuta Golf Course designed by Golfland NKG with 18 holes. New Kuta Golf is very challenging for golfers who want to try a natural atmosphere in the new kuta golf with sea views directly make bali golf packages with discount price of this one is the right place for the international championship.

As the world's tourist destinations, it is appropriate that Bali has recreational facilities such prestigious New Kuta Golf Club, becoming one of the most popular, so if you try the real golfers green field with treats stunning natural scenery. Bali's New Kuta Golf course surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean with the waves crashing at the base of many holes. Sights include, semi-natural grass and sand rough and undulating greens. Of the five sets of tees on, New Kuta Golf Club plays various distances ensure players from beginners to low handicappers will be quite challenging .The inland and venture out nine plays on varied terrain. At -6191 meter hole, the putting surface flamboyant - a multi-tiered and sloping away from the tee - literally surrounded by a sea of ​​sand. This is basically an island green, surrounded by bunkers disrupted normal depth. Extreme depth of bunkers place a premium on accuracy, losing anywhere and par is a task. On par - 4 -7, dogleg right beautiful - but-rugged, slim long (470 meters) compounded by both bunkered landing area and the green are guarded by a row of bunkers hill.

2. Damai Indah Golf Course 

Damai Indah Course is one of the best golf courses in bali the world has to offer, with a wide field of grass and beautiful tropical gardens, charming green hills, is a challenge for golfers. This golf course is located in Complex Real Estate BSD developed by Ir Ciputra. Her exact location where the golf course can be seen from the map location below. Main here was very challenging, average in every Hole even every fairway bunkers will be found much more than other golf field. Green and well manicured fairways that play here we are not disappointed with the condition of the field and gren are always maintained and nice.

Damai Indah Golf BSD is an international standard golf courses, which qualify as event venues international event, since it despite playing from the white, still not easy because Green here is rather specific and often difficult to read and sometimes we are shocked by 'break 'which is not unexpected. . Fun to play golf here.

3. Bintan Lagoon Resort (GOLF COURSE) 

The dramatic natural landscape becomes the perfect backdrop for the game of golf. Indonesia has a range that reflects the views of the field. This green sensation can be encountered at Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan Island. The resort has two golf courses, Jack Nicklaus Golf Course and Ian Baker Finch Golf Course, with 18 holes design in each field. The second difference is the addition of a golf course scenery that can be enjoyed by golfers, but also the difficulty level of field structure.

Jack Field Nickllaus more familiar with golfers because it was built close to the sea (sea facing), so that the structure of the field is not too tortuous. Unlike the case with Ian Baker Finch golf course, which is destined for the golf pro. This is because the structure of the field winding stretch of land being in the field (wood land). The game of golf can be enjoyed by guests who stay overnight at Bintan Lagoon Resort (in house guest), special guests who come to play golf all day (day tripper), as well as membership available. For golf membership, available Individual choice (SGD 30,800 / year), Life style golf terms (SGD 1,500 / year), Social Vacation (SGD 12,000 / year), and Social vacation Plus (SGD 16,000 / year) for golfers per scarecrow.

4. Royale Jakarta Golf 

For players looking for a challenge in the great game of golf, Royale Jakarta Golf Club answers that and more. In addition to showing the beautiful lush greens and fairways, panoramic views of Mount Salak and Mount Gede, golfers will enjoy the International Championship style concept. Consisting of 27 holes with three sets of beautiful 9 holes (the North, the South and the West) with various levels of difficulty, Royale Jakarta Golf Club gives a fresh new nuance and challenges for all types of golfers. Royale Jakarta Golf Club is the first club in Asia to use the latest grass type of Sea Isle Supreme Paspalum. For a consistent feel, it is being planted in whole grass area from the tee box, rough and green. It is the newest generation of Paspalum grass that has been developed recently. Also, it helps generate a consistent speed as in accord to the International standards.

5. Emeralda Golf Course 

27 holes golf course design two golf's legends: Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are located not far from Riverside, Cimanggis region. Yes to play 18 holes we can choose two of the three courses that are available here: River Course, Lake Course and the Plantation Course. Everything is beautiful and challenging. Worth a try. 

There are many more Golf Course which lies in the region of Jakarta Raya, and it will give the impression and experience that will not be forgotten. So, for the golfer, whether professional, amateur or just create a "have fun" like me, will certainly agree that Jakarta is heaven for the Golfer, indeed, play golf in Jakarta it is the time to forget time.

6. Jagorawi Old Course 

The Jagorawi Old course is the dame of all courses in Indonesia and Clearly it's a course that belongs to Asia's top ten. Designed by Thomson and Wolveridge, the Old Course matured over a period of more than Three Decades into one of Asia's most challenging courses. Bring your A-game to tame a course that demands accuracy over distance. The opening hole is a real eye opener. Standing on the tee box, some 40 meters down below a fairway awaits that needs to be negotiated with diligence and patience. The Cikeas River to the right has caught many a ball that was meant to land on the right side of the fairway, the ideal place to be on this demanding par 5.

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